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  • A Survey That Will Make A Big Difference! Posted 2 months ago
      Here is a quick but powerful survey that should help put and keep you in the holiday spirit!  And not just for the month of December, but year round!  Have fun that will make a positive difference!
  • Life is short! So allow God to connect and lead you! Posted 3 months ago
    Here is what I'm thinking.  After reading it, what are you thinking? Life is so so short, even for those that die of “old age.”   May I allow YOU to help me take this precious few moments we have to decide if we will accept Your invitation to join YOU in an everlasting adventure!  I say yes!  Not only today ...
  • "My Safari & Adventures of Life and Living.” Eager to hear what you think! Posted last year
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  • Posting again! Posted last year
    My son Grant & I are working on a project that showcases God's amazing love & vulnerability that cuts through the Enemies lies.   Eager to get your thoughts and feedback on it.  It is a one page relay!    Enjoy! God's Hands �  When someone says, "God loves you," what do you think?  Do you huff and say, "He loves me if ...
  • I'm Back! Posted 3 years ago
    Life is busy for most folks.  Thus my reason for not posting.  Generally I'll try and keep my thoughts brief, but look forward to introducing you and those in your community of family and friends.   See links to follow that are worth checking into!  Sure it is a bit of a fruit salad, but enjoy the diversity!   ...
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