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How generous are you? Andy Stanley will show you!



Are you or I— really generous? 


“You know how to give. Everyone gives something somewhere. We define our generosity by our random acts of goodness. But generosity is more than that. Generosity is the premeditated, calculated, designated emancipation of personal financial assets. When you become generous, you give more, save more, and consume less. It can free you from the Great American Insanity Cycle of spending more than we make, accumulating debt, having no financial margin, worrying about money, and spending money we don’t have in order to distract ourselves from worry.” Andy Stanley


You really owe to yourself to check this out.  You really owe it to those you love & like- to check this out.  You know down deep, you owe it everyone—including the One Who is the ultimate Maker of us all.  Let Him restore you.  HE alone can do this.  Here is practical way He can.  


Glad you are thinking.  Let me know what I might want to share that is worth being thought about!

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Avatar Richard Gordon 12 months ago
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With a debt of gratitude is in order for any posting in addition to eminent proposals; once in a while I great figure that persistence is certainly a vey critical element of finding being fruitful.